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What I'm up to lately...

Background; Installation Views from Solo Exhibition of General Slocum at East Stroudsburg University, September 2017. Photo by Brian Kutner



My New Art Project-
Garment Alchemy

My new art project tackles the monster in my closet-and the dresser in my bedroom, and the drawers in my daughter’s old room, and the hall closet, and the dresser in the front hallway, and the attic–clothing. I’m not going to buy any clothing for the duration of the project. I am going to find a good home for, or transform every item until there’s a lot less and I love it a lot more. Nothing will get thrown away in the process. This process is getting documented. In paintings, in photos, in videos-I just started a new page here on this website, and eventually it will end up in a gallery. You can follow the project on Instagram (I’m just Cindy Vojnovic on Instagram, no crazy made up name) or right here on my website. This page will eventually have plenty of branches as I do and upload more.

Photo: Harry Fisher

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I'm teaching the Art History Survey class online, and Drawing I at Main NCC's Main Campus in Fall 2018. The Drawing class is Tuesdays & Thursdays, 6-8:50 p.m.


Installtion of painting commission for Sanofi-Pasteur, 2016-click photo for more about this project

Cindy Vojnovic